How To Easily And Affordably Redo Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are the first thing that people see when they walk into your kitchen. While knotty alder cabinets or golden oak cabinets may have been popular a few decades ago, that's simply not the case anymore. Although you can tear down all of your cabinets and have them replaced with a newer, trendier option, that replacement will cost you several thousand dollars (if not more). To bring your cabinets back to life in a more affordable way, there are several things that you can do. 

Paint Them

If you have solid wood cabinets, then one of the most affordable things you can do is repaint them. The tricky thing about repainting kitchen cabinets is that it is a long process to do on your own. To start out, you have to take off all of the cabinet fronts and the sides that show. Once you have taken them off, you have to sand them down by using an electrical sander. Sanding them down will help take off any varnish or paint that's on them and will also help the paint to adhere to them longer. Once you have sanded them, you have to apply a primer and then several layers of paint by either using a roller or a sprayer. 

Have Your Cabinets Refaced

If you don't want to go through all of the work of painting your cabinets, if they aren't solid wood, or if you don't like the front of your cabinets, then you may want to consider cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is when you just replace the fronts of your cabinets with new fronts. This will save you thousands of dollars because you will be using your existing cabinet bones, but you'll still get the overall appearance of new cabinets. Just remember that you will still need to paint the interior and side of your cabinets to match the new fronts. 

Get New Hardware

New cabinet hardware can really enhance the look of newly painted or refaced cabinets. If you are using existing cabinets and having them repainted, just make sure to choose hardware that lines up with the existing hardware holes so that you don't have to drill anything else in them. Fun cabinet hardware trends include Lucite, black, or brass. 

With a little work, a small budget, and some creativity, you can get kitchen cabinets that look almost like new. To learn more, contact a company, such as 180Kitchens, near you that works in cabinet painting and refacing.